Sunday, January 24, 2010

Clay Daze!

What a whirlwind! The time has flown and we're already starting Day 3 of Clay Daze. We decided to take a low key "Island Time" approach to this event and there are no scheduled demos or workshops. It's a happy gathering of friends who share a passion for polymer clay. We're all focused on own own projects but there's constant visiting, sharing, problem solving, epiphanies and inspiration! Tina couldn't make it to Clay Daze but she's joined us online! Our venue is the RCMP Mess Hall which sort of explains The Bison.

We've taken breaks here and there to explore some fun places to shop, eat, and drink! We even managed to find 10 seats all together in a very busy Saturday night in Spinnakers Brew Pub!
We have 28 items in the Silent Auction for Haiti... there are some well-seasoned e-Bayers in this crowd who use the sniper plan of attack so I have a feeling elbow pads and helmets may be required this morning as the deadline for the auction draws near.

Sharon, Barb and me- on Tina's webcam.

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  1. The polymer clay happiness I can see on your face is contaguages. Great!